Friday, April 16, 2010


Well sorry Ive been so slack/busy.. Have lots to talk about. I have just got back from a SUP trip to the Maldives and it was a epic trip.. Got some great waves.. I have also just got back into training for the upcoming paddle season which is shaping up to be a big season. I'm looking forward to getting my new 18ft Paddleboard from La Hui Kai which should be finished next week. I'm going to start a weekly video blog counting down the weeks to Molokai and show you some of the training our group gets up to.. So standby as i will update the Maldives trip very soon once i get some photos of the trip sent to me. Also i will post the 1st Video blog next week as well.. So stay tuned i will try and make up for being so quiet lately..Take care Jamie


  1. California Downwind Race Series, 2010. Inaugural year. Both paddleboards & SUPs invited.

    4/24: Santa Barbara Cold Current -- 9 miles.
    5/8: Malibu Downwinder -- 7 miles.
    6/5: Akolu ABC to CAB -- 7 miles.

    Race season is upon us. Looking forward to Molokai!

    -Steve S.

  2. Hey Steve glad to see there is a downwind series in Cali. Good luck and yes looking forward to molokai as well..Take care JM