Saturday, November 21, 2009

The PHANTOM has struck......

Yes that's right folks.. Mr Phantom himself Chris Garrett just dropped off a bunch of new sticks for me and i have 2 more coming soon.. Just in time too for the trip to the Solomon Islands in a few weeks. And i must say they look sick.. I decided to go with a few different shapes this time..I got a 5'5 Quad a 5'10 Quad Swallow and a normal shorty my 6'2. I love the look of them and Chris even gave them his own personal artwork touch.. I am particularly looking forward to trying the 5'5 out and see how that little beauty goes.. If u live on the coast or near by and are after anything that goes in the ocean Chris is the man....He makes some beautiful boards and is a great guy. Go check out his website at .. And if this Northerly ever stops blowing here i may even be able to get them wet ???? Take care JM

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

THE EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that news i had a while back that i was excited about is here... I was waiting for the press release to come out and it took longer than expected. But i have made the Alternate list for the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational... I'm so stoked!! Its been a big goal and dream of mine to try and get on this list and its happened. I'm very honored. The Eddie is the most famous and well respected big wave surfing event in the world.. And honors a very special man. I will attach the press release so u can read more about it and also check out the website for the event and keep up to date with the forecast of swells and when the event may run. The opening ceremony will be on Dec 3rd and i am hoping to fly over and be apart of it..

Check out for more info.. Cheers JM

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spur of the Moment....

Well still not much to report here on the Coast.. Warm weather, some small swell and warm water. Yesterday i had Pete from Futures give me a call about doing some SUP shots in the late arvo cause they had Crump in town who is there photographer..So one thing led to another and we did a quick mission to the back canals of Surfers Paradise and got some work done.. Was fun and ill attach a photo to check out...Some cool lighting in the arvo light as the sun went down..
Had some fun waves at the Alley this morning..Small but clean and fun on the SUP.. Nice to finally have the wind back off and not be onshore... But i will be praying for wind come Saturday as me and my mate Billy will be paddling in a team SUP race from Snapper to Hollywell on a 17 ft La Hui Kai Board which is about 35km. Forecast looks like light winds so could be hot and Brutal.. Lets hope the forecasts changes. Ill try and take some photos and post over the weekend. Till then take it easy..JM

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well summer is here my friends. A month out from the actual start of summer but this last week has been scorching. U know its here when we have constant NE winds, u start to see those jellyfish and bluebottles appear and the temp is starting to hit 30 Degrees.. And not to mention the water feels like a Luke warm bath.. It make's for great weather but when it comes to finding a wave it becomes a little desperate... Little beachies are the best bet and usually further the North the better. So the Southern Hemisphere is winding down but the Northern Hemi is starting to stir. With the consensus leaning towards a El Nino year and a few largish swells already come and gone I'm sure everyone is readying themselves for a few good months of swell...
As for me i am hanging tight at the moment here at home dealing with the lack of swell and concentrating on my SUP School. Me and my brother Justin have been doing some classes for the Gold Coast City Council over the weekend and getting the general public stoked on paddling and getting fit.. So that's about it for now folks. So if anything exciting pops up I'll be sure to let you know.. Thanks Jamie