Sunday, January 24, 2010

Down time (but we have been keeping busy)

Yes well here we are and not much to report on the swell front from the past week.. There has been some funky winds and lumpy swell..Still waves around but definitely has slowed down from what seemed like swell after swell.. But we have been using the time wisely and have been fine tuning some of our equipment and also have made quite a purchase in the last few days which will see us not have to rely on friends anymore for skis.. Yes me and Billy found ourselves a great deal on a pair of 4 stroke skis on a double trailer and decided to take the plunge and we are now proud owners of them..So we celebrated the other night with a feed and a few beers at Haleiwa and also it was our mate Rob's last night in Hawaii so we hung with him and had a few laughs.. So between all that and a trip into Town to Surftech to grab some Stand Up Boards and Wetfeet Surf shop to grab some stand up paddles we have been on the move...Thanks Clark for helping us out with the Quickblades and cutting them down..Legend. Go check the Wetfeet store out if u are ever in Hawaii Kai.
Today we took our skis to Mike Slattery who owns and runs HSA.. He is the guy to go see about rescue sleds and all the equipment for the skis. He is going to pad and strap them all up for us and make sure they are good to go.. After that we went and grabbed Dennis Pang who is a legendary shaper and surfer here on the Nth Shore and his son Makana and we drove and had a surf at a spot called Silver Channels..A fun left which works on today's light and variable winds.. We had fun and called it a day after a few hrs and went and had some lunch. Then we went to our mate Terry's place and watched the final quarter of that American Football game haha. Playoffs are on and everyone is into it with the Superbowl coming up in 2 weeks time. So yeah as they say in Hawaii its been a Mixed Plate this week and looking forward to spending alot of time in the ocean this week... Ok got to go my beautiful girlfriend is on skype and is calling.. Till then..Cheers Jamie

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hawaii Time!!!!!!

Gotta love Hawaii time.. Up when u want to and surf on tap.. We are back on the Nth Shore at the moment and have just been getting settled into our accommodation. We have finally rounded up all our boards that have been stashed away under houses and cleaned all the dust off them ready to go.. Yesterday was my Birthday and we had a nice surf at a outer reef . We actually hooked up with Trevor Hendy who was in town and we lent him a board and took him out to surf..He had a blast and we got some medium size waves out there but uncrowded which was nice.. Then me and Billy went and saw a few friends and cruised back home..
Then for my Bday we went to Laie a little town towards the east side from the Nth Shore and had a feed and a few beers for my B'day then we went to a little bar at Turtle Bay and played some pool till Midnight and we were home... We got up this morning to surf but there's a contest on at Sunset and Pipe and Backdoor looked like it had morning sickness so we have been cruising at the condo and will probably hit it for the arvo session.. Nothing HUGE is forecast in the next few days so will be nice to get on the shortboard again. Well I'm going to post a few Random photos and some surfing shots from Mavs session courtesy of Fred Pompermayer/

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Waves, Wipeouts,Barrels and Good times..!!!!!!!!!!!

Well guys sorry for the delay(Penny,Steve &Shaq) haha.. Things have been full bore... But to start things off we arrived on Oahu last Sunday and were contemplating what to do? Stay on the Nth Shore and paddle some big waves or try and go to Maui and surf Peahi..We got the go ahead late Sunday that we had a ski(thanks Dave and Laird) so we got a last minute flight to Maui with Tim Bonython who was going to shoot footage all day.. All the last minute preparation was done and we got to bed and ready for what was looking to be a swell close to the size of the Eddie swell that hi in early December.. But what we awoke to was something different.. We launched the ski's around 7am and started the 30 min ski ride and it looked pretty similar to the last swell i surfed but when we got there we saw a 3 wave set that must of been 25 ft Hawaiian plus and just thick and raw and mean.. It had a energy about it that was different.. As Laird said the Garbage compacter is going to be at work today and it was.. Me and Billy sat in the channel and ran safety for the boys for a few hrs and then got the go ahead to go get some.. So Billy was up.. I knew after watching it for a few hrs he needed to get on the horse and get some straight away.. This was his 1st time surfing Peahi.. He ended up getting about 12 waves.. Mainly rights but a few lefts and 1 big left that had his heart in his mouth.. He didn't make a mistake and made all his rides. Then it was my turn.. We had a rough time getting some waves..Crowd was crazy and out of control and i must of got burned about 8 times while Billy was trying to get me some waves..He did get me a good right the biggest one i have had so far and i took a pretty good wipeout as well.. One i will remember for a long time..
After Jaws we booked a flight and were off to Northern California to follow the swell.We left that night and took the red eye to San Jose which had a stop over in Salt Lake City ,Utah which when we got there was 0 degrees, snowing on the tarmac and freaking freezing.. Billy was wearing thongs and was losing it.. We arrived and had Rob from Surftech pick us up in the Van and dropped us off at Pete Mel's place where we were staying.. We went through the routine again got ready and were waiting for another big day at Mavericks.. We were up at 430am and the buoy readings were down a touch so that was a little bit of a worry for us.. We arrived and things didn't look to good.. High tide not much swell and morning sickness from the night before.. But we went out and waited for a few hrs and then it started to do its thing.. I whipped Pete in to a few for a hr then Billy jumped on the rope and on his second wave his got fully Barrelled at Maverick's.. Pete and the guys in the channel were going nuts saying it was one of the best they have seen in a long time..He got clipped at the end and actually took a good beating and was down for a while and then i had to go in and get him before the next one mowed him.. After that Pete's ski broke down so we towed him in and made our way back out and we towed till sunset and had a blast..It wasn't huge but we got plenty of waves and the crowd was super mellow and was really cool to be out there.. We had planned on getting up at 4am this morning and driving 4 hrs to a slab we know about but we slept in and missed it..So we cruised this morning and got some stuff done then we went and paddled Mavericks this afternoon for 2 hrs ..Was only 12 to 15 feet but was good to test a few new boards out and get in the cold , sharky waters again.. So we are now about to crash to sleep as we are flying back to Hawaii in the morning. Looks like another nice swell hitting the islands on Sunday... Ok till then take care and will try and update every few days.... Cheers Jamie
Thanks to Tracy Kraft for the great images...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Adventure Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys hows it going..Been a while since my last blog and i hope everyone had a great Xmas and New Years.. It was a quiet one for me and my girlfriend..Just hung out with family and friends and had a mellow one..Anyway looks like things are heating up again in the North Pacific or should i say hasn't stop heating up..Its just been non stop swell after swell for for Hawaii and California. And another BIG one is on the way which will be hitting Hawaii on Monday morning and then Northern California on Wednesday.. Looks like same size as the Eddie swell and even bigger maybe??? Time will tell.. So I'm off tomorrow night with my buddy Billy and we will spending the best part of the next 4-6 weeks chasing whatever swells we can... I have a couple of Stand Up Contests on stand by plus the Maverick's Contest is on Stand By and very well could go on Wednesday if the winds get a little better for there..But one things for sure there will be plenty going on and i plan on trying to blog every few days and show some photos and footage of the trip..Quiksilver have been good enough to hook me up with a HD Handy cam that i will be taking with me so I'm sure we will have some stuff to show... Well I'm off to pack and will talk to u all in a few days..Take Care JM.. Take a look at the charts below for the incoming swell...

Sunday 1/10
Light winds with a slight chop. Moderate long period swell.
Winds: W 9 to 12 knots
Seas: NW 10 feet at 12 sec.
Light winds with a slight chop. Large long period swell.
Winds: NNW 7 to 9 knots
Seas: NW 14 feet at 15 sec.
Monday 1/11
Light winds with a slight chop. Very large long period swell.
Winds: NE 8 to 10 knots
Seas: NW 20 feet at 19 sec.
Light winds with a slight chop. Very large long period swell.
Winds: NNE 8 to 11 knots
Seas: NW 19 feet at 16 sec.