Monday, May 10, 2010

Bondi Boys

Well just had a big weekend with a bunch of the Bondi Lifeguard boys.. Moondoggy,Reidy,Corey and Tom came down for the weekend and we had plenty of fun and good laughs. 1st off we had the 3o km Saltwater Festival Paddleboard Race on Saturday which went from Brunswick Heads and finished off at Salt. Conditions were perfect with a 3-4 ft e/se swell running and a good 15 to 20 knots of South wind blowing.Perfect for that stretch of Coastline. Things didn't all go to plan but.. Reidy and his partner Simon who were doing the teams race had there escort Jet Ski break down and nearly catch on fire before the race started .. So they decided to go 15 km in one hit then swap instead of being able to swap every 15 min or so. So just when u thought things were coming together Simon who was paddling 1st felt that his board was feeling sluggish and then realized his board was sinking! Yes you heard right. Sinking . So he had to swim with his board 2km to shore trying to salvage the board. Lucky Moondoggy who was driving a ski with my mate came to the rescue and picked Simon up from walking on the beach with his board.. So Reidy's day was over before it began. Sorry buddy.. But Tom and Corey finished the 30km and really done themselves proud. With not much training under the belt and paddling there boards for the 1st time it was a big effort boys. Well done.
Tom had to scoot straight to the airport to get back to Sydney but as you do we all had a few beers later that night and talked story. Sunday was mothers day and i decided to take the boys out on our 4 man surfing canoe. They were all pumped and it was a perfect day for it.. It was 2 ft and the Alley was perfect for the canoe. We caught some good waves and actually didn't flip once which is unusual for me when I'm steering haha. We finished off with a Barby on Sunday arvo and it was time for the boys to head home.. If you want to check the boys out more u can check there website out or watch them on Channel 10 in season. There a good bunch of blokes.. Take care JM

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