Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Countdown Begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here we are again.. The week leading into the big one... Its all winding down now.. Less paddling more rest and trying to stay out of the sun. The Aussie contingent that are here were all on Maui last weekend for the Naish Paddleboard Race which is run on the famous Maliko course. We had pretty nice downwind conditions and everyone had a blast.. A great warmup for this weekends 32 Miles. Without putting the Jinx on this weekend the forecast looks quite good at the moment with steady trades right through the weekend and a rising tide. So hopefully it stay's true to the forecast and we can surf across the channel.
We had a little training run yesterday from Turtle Bay to Kei Iki where we are staying and the wind was blowing about 15 to 20 and had some fun bumps... We were lucky to have Steve and Reidy follow us on a Ski with Reidy filming and Steve the Captain. And Reidy has cut together this little clip for everyone... Enjoy and take care JM

Training Paddle Nth Shore( from Jamie Mitchell on Vimeo.


  1. Nice video, good luck for the race , have fun.

  2. Good luck Jamie, most of all, have fun and enjoy the moment!! Best wishes for all the Aussie crew, Mick, Jackson et al.......

    Aloha, -Rich

  3. Congrat's You got it another time ! you're the GREATEST ! Hope to see u one day in Reunion Island

  4. Awesome result Jamie and Jackson! Many thanks for the support. The team at SurfAid International.