Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy Times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How has it been everyone?? Been a while since i have updated so sorry about that. It has been a crazy 2 months.. Where do i start. I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in Hawaii in July for a few paddleboard races culminating in the Molokai to Oahu Race. It's always a great time with my Fiance, Family, and friends hanging out and enjoying the warm weather. After the Molokai me and Joss spent a week in Waikiki cruising and doing nothing..It was great. Nice to have no plans for at least a week. haha.
Once our week was up she had to come back to Australia while i headed to California. I arrived and my great friend Giles picked me up and we headed straight to a really great function called Pipeline to a Cure which was a fundraiser for Kids with Cystic Fibrosis. It was a great night and they raised a ton of money. After a late night i had to be up and packed as i was on a flight to Utah for the Outdoor Retailer Show which i was meeting the Surtech crew to help promote Stand Up Paddling. Was crazy to see how many people are doing it and were stoked on it. The 1st day there was a on the water demo day and the next 2 days were indoors in a trade show.. It was the 1st time i had been to a trade show and it was huge.
Once Utah was done and dusted i was back in California for a few days then i was off to New York for the SEA Paddle. It was a 28 mile charity paddle around New York city for kids with Autism.. It was my 1st time in New York and a great way to see the City. After a few days in New York i was meant to head to Montauk and then to Santa Cruz and finally finish off the trip in Lake Tahoe. But something came up at home i had to get back for so i left New York 1st thing and made the 30 hr trip home to the Gold Coast.
So i have been home and its been really nice to relax and catch up with everyone and not have much to do. But i have just started to get back into a little training for the Upcoming Battle of the Paddle race in California so a few more weeks till we leave for that and then once the Battle is over it is SURF time. Hopefully time to find some waves and get plenty of water time. Well that's the scoop. Hope everyone is doing well and having fun wherever you are in the world. Here is a few photos of my travels...Take Care. JM

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