Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quiksilver Trip to the Caribbean!!

Well i just landed back in god's country today.. After about 40 hrs of travelling i am exhausted but excited to be back in Currumbin. Its been a busy last few weeks with the Hennessey's,Battle of Paddle and a trip with Quiksilver to Puerto Rico and The British Virgin Islands all in the last 3 weeks. Joss done some filming for the Battle of the Paddle that hasn't been edited yet but i did make a quick video of my time in the Caribbean. So check it out. There is a cool section of Mark Healey free diving down to a plane wreck..He has gills that man i swear..


  1. Very nice! Perfect choice of songs for the free dive~love Bruddah IZ!

  2. Nice vid Jamie…sorry the time in PR was a rainout. I hope you had some chance to see what great potential the Caribbean has a SUP and surfing destination.

    I hope you had a good time no matter what…see you next time.

    Velauno Paddleboarding