Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feels Like XMAS

Well if definitely felt like Xmas today. And in more ways than one. Let alone the temp being in the high 20's like Xmas in Summer time but also it was like Santa had brought me some pressy's. I finally got my Surftech JM Model SUP board from Santa Cruz.. They sent it over for me to try and go over just to check out all is good before it goes into production. I was pretty stoked to see it in the flesh. Me and my manager Justin went to pick it up and we were not disappointed when we opened it up..It looked sick. And then to make things even better GO PRO sent me some more gear to use and buffed me out with cameras,attachments,chest and head rigs and even a memory card and batteries. Way to go boys. Legends!! Well ill attach a few photos and hopefully ill be able to let you know how she goes (if we ever get any more waves here).. Till next time. Take care JM

1 comment:

  1. When can we put in an order for one JM?

    Looks SICKKKKK.