Sunday, September 6, 2009


Iaoana from Tahiti. Which is hello.. Arrived here a few days ago and hooked up with all the guys from the Waterman Leauge which is the group who is running the World Standup Tour next year.. I got invited to go on a boat trip with a bunch of the guys who will be in the tour next year.. Guys like Chuck Patterson, Ekolu Kalama, Dwayne DeSoto, Kainoa Magee, Kealii Mamala, and a few of the local boys like Raimana, Patrice and Arsene. Waves have been pretty shitty since we have been here..Lots of wind and little swell. But for everyone else its been pretty funny watching me.. I havent been having the best luck so far haha. But shit happens hey. 1st day we surfed a little left called Tapuna and i lost my new Go Pro camera on my 1st wave of the trip.. Then proceeded to cut my heel pretty good and to top it off my paddle got jammed up my shorts and then the blade jammed into the reef and decided to try and buckle me and half then snapped the blade of my brand new paddle in half.. That was nice for the 2km paddle back..HA HA. Next day we went back to Tapuna for a early session and i decided to try one too many turns and ended up cheese grating myself on the reef on my forearm and back and ass. And in Tahitian style got the lime treatment on the cuts.. I dont reccomend that..
So we decided to try our luck on Moorea a island about 25 km away and 10 min into the trip it just started to hammer with wind .. We had a rought trip and night anchored in a pass as the winds hit 50 knots... Next day we surfed a left called Ha'apiti.. It was 4-6 feet and pretty fun with some carnage on the inside bowl with it shutting down. I snapped my leash at the end of the sesh then realised that my leash holder had ripped a big gash in my board!! Nice. Lucky for me the wind came up and it was too windy to surf for the rest of the day.
Next day we were hoping for more of the same but awoke up to onshore conditions.. We decided to head to another part of the island and go swim with some sharks and Rays in this perfect little spot.. It was awesome.Little Black Tips and Stingrays everywhere.. I took my Go Pro and got some killer footage. And here we are today.. We were meant to leave for Teauhpoo this morning but found a little left called Sapenouse. We surfed for a few hrs had some fun and as i type the captain decided that we would go Halfway this afternoon to Chopes and anchor for the night.. So looks like waves are coming and hopefully we will get waves in Teauhpoo within the next few days.. So stay tuned and ill try and post some more photos.. Internet is a little sketchy here so be patient.. Till next time.. JM... Thanks to Ditty for the photos!

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  1. Lost GoPro ... oh no, you needs some GoPro tips from Rambo, i've 14 of the little buggers and have been using them for 3 years.

    Drop us a line if you wanna hand, Woogie knows what i get up to with these things.

    Have a safe trip home
    Cheers Rambo