Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Acca Dacca

Hey guys sorry it has been a while.. Been a bit going on..Went to a AC/DC concert a few weeks back with family and friends and it was epic..Those guys are still at the top of there game and they are charging in there 60's.. We hired A Maxi Van and me and Joss, her family Steve,Pen and Simon our mate Reidy from Bondi (of Bondi Rescue Fame) and my Brother Justin and his Fiance Rachel made the trek to Bris Vegas to check them out.. We had the Esky packed full of beverages and Steve was our Captain and driver and we made our way there.. Long story short it was such a fun night they rocked out and sounded as good as they did when i last saw them in 1998. The next morning i started working at the Quiksilver Pro .. Me and a bunch of mates work doing the water Patrol. May seem like a cushy job but its very demanding and draining.. Especially if the swell comes up like it did.. But all went pretty smooth and the event went off in pretty good conditions seeing the bank at Snapper was non- existent 4 weeks ago.. Congrats to Taj and Stephanie for taking out the 1st event. If u missed it try and check out Dane vs Parko heat in Rd 4. Epic.. Dane was out of control.
At the moment i just arrived in Bondi with Joss and we are hanging out here for the weekend and catching up with some of my mates who are lifeguards check out and im going to try and show Joss around even though i will probably get us lost.. Well we are a few beers deep and on the way to dinner so i will post after the weekend in Sydney.. Take care JM

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  1. Down in the land of the Mighty Roosters, hopefully we can have a big win over the Rabbits to start off the comp. Sounds like all the people I know have been to see AC/DC and had a ball.
    Enjoy your weekend in the Big Smoke.