Saturday, February 13, 2010

How things can change!!!!!!!

Well its been a while since i sat down and let u guys know whats been going on.. And there has been a reason. Where do i start? It was last Wednesday and i was cruising here on the Nth Shore all stoked i had got a new 11'6 SUP Gun and me and Billy had just went out to Waimea to test it out and we were the only ones out and it was fun 10 to 12 feet but windy so no one was on it and we had heaps of fun. So i was eating dinner when i get a call from my Mum and she says mate i got something to tell you. Straight away I'm like shit what has happened? She says your Grandma has had a turn for the worst and we are heading to Coffs Harbour to see whats going on and it doesn't look good so u may want to look at flights and see whats available.. I am pretty quiet at this time and sort of loose my thought process and so i hang up and am about to jump on my computer when i get another call from my Mum and she says mate she hasn't made it.. Whoa I'm shell shocked. What happened i say? They cant tell me and say we are on our way back to pack and then we are going back down to Coffs.. Ok i said I'm on my way home.. So at this stage I'm scrambling to pack and I'm so scattered because I'm meant to be surfing in a Sup contest at Sunset another Sup comp at Makaha and so I'm thinking well I'm not gonna come back so i need to pack all my stuff which is alot and i have so many boards and stuff that im just going to have to leave and Billy will have to deal with it for me.. So i get a flight and 7am the next morning I'm on a flight back home to Australia. As u can imagine it wasn't the best flight home. Fast forward to Tue and i am driving to Coffs Harbour for the funeral with Joss and meet my Family and we talk story have a few beers and dinner and get to bed early for the service the next day.. The day of the Funeral was picture perfect.. It was a beautiful service and me and Justin got up and tried to say some words which was super hard but we got through it but it was hard... The hardest thing was having to leave after the Funeral to drive back to the Gold Coast to catch a flight back to Hawaii( my family insisted that i try and make it back to Hawaii for the Comps ! They said Grandma would of wanted that).. So we left Midday got back at 4pm i jumped on the plane at 5pm arrived in Sydney and jumped on a flight at 9pm and was back on the Plane to Hawaii... Long story short i made it back in time but a day before i had to surf i busted my left eardrum practising at Makaha on a 3 ft wave and was in some serious pain.. I saw a DR and he said there was blood in my ear canal which means you have Perforated your eardrum and it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to heal properly and the only thing u can do is to keep out of the water.. Great... So i pretty much resigned to the fact that i wasn't going to surf the next day as i didn't want to make it worse. I woke up the next day and couldn't make my mind up and last minute i decided to try and surf in memory of Grandma and i didn't care how i went i just wanted to honor her by trying.. So i blue tacked my ear then glad wrapped and tapped my head up then wore a hoodie to keep it dry.. I looked like a goose but it got me out there. And that's all u can do in life is give it 100% and try.. I didn't get through but i tried and that was for you Grandma..May u rest in Peace and hope u and Grandad are together once again.. Jamie

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