Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some 1 man Fun!!!!!

A few weeks ago i had a call from a mate of mine Woogie who lives up in Noosa. He asked if i wanted to paddle in a team with him in a race that was going to happen in a few weeks time. To be honest I'm sort of over paddling right now and just want to surf so i had to think about it but because its on a 1 man Canoe and i don't really have much experience on them i thought why not.Should be fun(if there's wind). Like anything there are lots of little tricks and techniques with paddling a 1 man that i don't know about so i asked if he could get me a canoe to use for a few sessions before the race.. Lucky Woogie has hooked up with his good mate Maui Kjeldsen who has designed a new canoe called the WAINUI and is selling the canoe in Australia and was able to get one for me.. Thanks mate. So this arvo we had a little pulse in the swell here on the Gold Coast and the wind backed off and i thought there's no better time to go test it out so i called me mate Sean and we went out to Currumbin Alley and got some fun waves till dark. I took my Go Pro and tried to get some footage while we were mucking around and here is a little clip.. Its not much but we had fun... And don't worry Woogie its in 1 piece.HAHA

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  1. Looks like fun mate !! Paddling is awesome, ever thought about competition Surfski paddling? There is a huge Surfski community and serious races, a world series and lots of cash prizes....something to think about? :) Plus it's a blast going downwind on a surfski as I'm sure you probably know from your lifesaving days paddling them. It's my number one passion now! Here's the best site around for Surfski info; http://www.surfski.info/
    Aloha, -Rich