Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Water!!! And how important is it..

Well its a funny question isn't it.Not one we probably ask ourselves everyday but something that keeps us alive and ticking each and single day.. I had a think about it and i asked myself what do i drink day in day out to keep myself hydrated and quench my thirst. And too be honest I'm quite boring. I really only drink water. And lots of it.. I LOVE IT.. I don't drink any sort of Sports Drinks and never ever any of those Energy Drinks.They just don't do it for me. But give me a 600ml water when I'm thirsty and boom its gone. It just feels like its meant to be in your body and system.
So when i was lucky enough to be able to have a meeting with a Company from Byron Bay who take there water Quality seriously and then take it to another level with Alkaline levels well i was very interested to see what was going on. I'm not going to go into details about how this does that and so on but what i did learn was enough for me to take a trial with the system and see how it make me feel.. As a athlete i can usually tell pretty well if something is helping me or not. I wont say yeah it works when it doesn't just to make a quick buck or endorse something i don't believe in but after a few weeks I'm let's say pleasantly surprised. And if u are spending money on all these fancy supplements well it may be just as easy as pure H20 to give you that extra edge. It makes me cringe when i see TV reports about whats in our water or how the so called Purified water we buy in the Bottles are just as bad as tap water in some places. The way i see it is when u add up all the money we spend on Bottled water (e.g say you buy one 1.5 litre bottle a day 5 days a week and each bottle costs u say $4.00(yes $4.00 in Australia) that's $20 a week and over a year well u do the maths its over $1000 a year. When you look at it that way it makes spending a little bit of money on something that's so good for your well being a no brainer. For me anyway! Well if you want to check out in more detail about Alkaline water and how it works check out there website www.alkaway.com.au Cheers JM

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