Saturday, April 9, 2011

The PELAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it's been a while everyone ..Sorry it has been a busy few months with travelling and getting ready for a wedding. But i did just manage to sneak away for 2 weeks to the Mentawai's Island's in Indonesia for a SUP Surfing trip with a great crew.. Jason Kenworthy organised the trip and put together a epic bunch of people and on a world class boat the Pelagic. On the Boat we had Dave Kalama , Chuck Patterson, Slater Trout, Connor Baxter, Dave Boehne, and Talia Gangini plus Editor of SUP Magazine Joe Carberry and Videographers Brent Deal and Bryce Lowe-White and Jason was Shooting stills along with his assistant Kevin Voegtlin.. So we had all angles covered.
I'm not going to go into too much detail about the trip as it will be covered in SUP Magazine and also hopefully made into a cool litte doco. But we did get some fun waves and everyone was surfing great and going for it.. Was a great mix of Youth and Experience.
What i did want to touch on was the Boat and crew.. What a great way to see the Mentawai's and access all areas and waves. The Pelagic and its Captain Griff made us so welcome and the crew on the boat were Epic. There was enough food that u couldn't eat it all even if you tried.. And with a crew like ours that is hard. There were Bintang's a plenty and good times.. If you are thinking of a boat trip i highly recommend these guys. Especially if u are looking to take your SUP's Griff has it dialled with where to go and how to stay away from the crowds.. We didn't surf with another boat the whole trip which was so good.. There is also a Jet Ski and Smaller Skiff on the Boat to zip you in and out of the breaks and to go and check spots as well...
So if u get the urge go and check out I guarantee you wont be disappointed. So it's now back to reality and time to get my ass into some heavy training. Molokai will be here before i know it.. Take care JM

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