Thursday, November 24, 2011

Road to the Eddie Ceremony Part 1

Hi guys.. Well i was lucky enough to get on the Alternate list this year for the In Memory of Eddie Aikau Event... Although i am too far down the list to get a chance to surf if it does run they do have a opening ceremony each year which is just so cool to be apart of.. So me and Joss have set off for about 10 days of Hawaii time to be there for the Ceremony.. This will be my 3rd time on the list and one day i hope to get on the main list and have the honor to surf in the event ... We will be trying to post a video blog daily to see whats happening out here on the Nth Shore leading up to the event. The Sunset event of the Triple Crown kicks off tomorrow and with a solid 10-12 ft swell forecast for Sunday hopefully we can entertain you while we are here.. Take care and see you soon... JM...

Here is PT 1....

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  1. Nice work, great filming Jossie ! Good luck over there !