Tuesday, November 17, 2009

THE EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that news i had a while back that i was excited about is here... I was waiting for the press release to come out and it took longer than expected. But i have made the Alternate list for the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational... I'm so stoked!! Its been a big goal and dream of mine to try and get on this list and its happened. I'm very honored. The Eddie is the most famous and well respected big wave surfing event in the world.. And honors a very special man. I will attach the press release so u can read more about it and also check out the website for the event and keep up to date with the forecast of swells and when the event may run. The opening ceremony will be on Dec 3rd and i am hoping to fly over and be apart of it..

Check out http://live.quiksilver.com/2009/bigwave/ for more info.. Cheers JM


  1. Eddie would go !!

    nice for you

    good luck man just go for it !

  2. Congratulations, Jamie. That's a huge honor. You're one of very few Aussies who received that recognition.

    And on behalf of the paddling community, congrats to you & Keoni Watson! Enjoy the moments.

    -Steve S.

  3. Thank you very much Steve... I am very honored to say the least... Glad to representing with Keoni... He is a great ambassador for us as well