Saturday, November 21, 2009

The PHANTOM has struck......

Yes that's right folks.. Mr Phantom himself Chris Garrett just dropped off a bunch of new sticks for me and i have 2 more coming soon.. Just in time too for the trip to the Solomon Islands in a few weeks. And i must say they look sick.. I decided to go with a few different shapes this time..I got a 5'5 Quad a 5'10 Quad Swallow and a normal shorty my 6'2. I love the look of them and Chris even gave them his own personal artwork touch.. I am particularly looking forward to trying the 5'5 out and see how that little beauty goes.. If u live on the coast or near by and are after anything that goes in the ocean Chris is the man....He makes some beautiful boards and is a great guy. Go check out his website at .. And if this Northerly ever stops blowing here i may even be able to get them wet ???? Take care JM

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