Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spur of the Moment....

Well still not much to report here on the Coast.. Warm weather, some small swell and warm water. Yesterday i had Pete from Futures give me a call about doing some SUP shots in the late arvo cause they had Crump in town who is there photographer..So one thing led to another and we did a quick mission to the back canals of Surfers Paradise and got some work done.. Was fun and ill attach a photo to check out...Some cool lighting in the arvo light as the sun went down..
Had some fun waves at the Alley this morning..Small but clean and fun on the SUP.. Nice to finally have the wind back off and not be onshore... But i will be praying for wind come Saturday as me and my mate Billy will be paddling in a team SUP race from Snapper to Hollywell on a 17 ft La Hui Kai Board which is about 35km. Forecast looks like light winds so could be hot and Brutal.. Lets hope the forecasts changes. Ill try and take some photos and post over the weekend. Till then take it easy..JM

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