Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crazy few days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there gang hows it all been going.. Well the biggest swell forecast since 1969 didn't quite get that big but it was definitely a good solid swell.. I got to surf Peahi(Jaws) on Monday and Tuesday and it was 20-25 feet (40 to 50 ft faces)and really clean.. Such a amazing wave.. I was lucky enough to be part of Dave Kalama and Lairds crew for the 2 days which was pretty epic.. We worked as a 3 man team.. 2 guys towing and 1 guy on a safety ski looking after the surfer if he went down...These guys are very meticulate when it comes to preparation and making sure everyone is safe.. It was a huge production with Camera's, ski's, boats, helicopters and the whole 9 yards but was well worth it to see these guys in action.. I got a whole bunch of waves on both days.. Lots of lefts and a few rights.. Thanks to the boys for towing me in and putting me in the spot every time.. U learn alot out there watching..I saw some of the heaviest wipeouts ever while i was out there.. A mate of ours who was towing with Robbie Nash had a 3 wave hold down and nearly drowned. The look on his face is something i never want to see again. The 1st day there were 4 ski's that went up on the rocks. And numerous boards.. If u were not on your game things can go south real quick. I also saw some amazing rides. Plenty of good surfers charging out there.. On another note congrats to Greg Long for winning the EDDIE. The guys is on a roll... And from what i have seen it looked like a epic day of surfing and wish i could have been a part of but hopefully one day down the track.. Well today we finally had a sleep in and then headed down and checked the waves again.It had dropped alot but we surfed a sick right hand wave somewhere on the Nth Shore of Maui on the SUP's for 3hrs and had a blast. Was fun to be back into some nice smaller waves with not as much consequence. Well hopefully ill have shots from jaws in the next few day's but i do have a few from a small camera i took out with me..Nothing special but gives u a perspective of how big it was.. Till next time.Take care.. Jamie

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