Sunday, December 6, 2009

GAME ON... Here it comes..

Hey guys just a real quick update... Swell bouys are up and reading 16 feet 19 sec and should get bigger throughout the night,
which means big surf tomorrow.. Ill be surfing out at Peahi(JAWS) on Maui and i think the Eddie Aikau Big Wave event could go off as well.. I'm off to bed got a big day ahead tomorrow and ill update tomorrow to let u know how it all went..Take care JM..


  1. GO jaime.just found your site, hope you get yourself a monster over this swell. GO hard mate! Keep all of us updated as this collosal swell unfolds.
    mick evans head

  2. Jamie
    i just saw a report from Flindt in Surfing magazine ... real big Jaws, really scary for human people :)
    did you get some good ones ? Maybe Eddie tomorow ?

    Just GO !

  3. yeh mick... not as big as forecast..Peahi today was 20ft with the odd bigger one.. Should be good tommorow again.. Cheers Jamie

  4. Awesome Jamie,

    Enjoy the moment, savor the adrenalin rush and be safe. Gotta love that warm water over there.

    Take care,
    Rich Hamady