Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hawaii,the Eddie,Swell Forecast's and Shitting Bricks!!!!

Hey there everyone hows it hanging.. Well i have made my way over to Hawaii and arrived yesterday morning.. My good friend Charlie Walker picked me up from the Airport and i am staying with him and his family at Sunset Beach. Charlie has been a huge influence in my career and especially when it comes to waves here in Hawaii..He was a big wave legend back in the day being invited to the Eddie and his nickname being SUNSET Charlie. Well the waves were pretty stormy and shitty when i arrived and got a bit better today..It cleaned up throughout the day and they ran a full day of the Sunset Comp.. It was about 4 to 6 feet. I had a surf at Gas Chambers this morning and Backyards this arvo.. Its looking like being pretty good tomorrow at about 6 to 8 feet and light winds so could be a good day at Pipe and Backdoor. I think i mentioned in a earlier post that i was meant to be going to the Solomon Islands on Monday but things may have changed with some pretty scary forecasts on the radar.. We are meant to get some pretty big pulses of swell over the weekend and then on Monday they are saying BIG.I don't want to speculate but if the models stay true to what they are saying it could be too big for the Eddie Aikau Event? Yes too big!!!! Freaking scary hey.. But as i said its only what the computers are saying at the moment so we will give it a few days and wait and see... So we do have the Eddie opening Ceremony this Thursday which I'm pretty excited about..Ive been to the last 4 but this will be the 1st one as a official competitor(I'm a alternate). So i guess that's about it from here on the Rock.. I will update in the next few days and see how this potential swell unfolds.. Till then take care ... Jamie

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