Sunday, January 24, 2010

Down time (but we have been keeping busy)

Yes well here we are and not much to report on the swell front from the past week.. There has been some funky winds and lumpy swell..Still waves around but definitely has slowed down from what seemed like swell after swell.. But we have been using the time wisely and have been fine tuning some of our equipment and also have made quite a purchase in the last few days which will see us not have to rely on friends anymore for skis.. Yes me and Billy found ourselves a great deal on a pair of 4 stroke skis on a double trailer and decided to take the plunge and we are now proud owners of them..So we celebrated the other night with a feed and a few beers at Haleiwa and also it was our mate Rob's last night in Hawaii so we hung with him and had a few laughs.. So between all that and a trip into Town to Surftech to grab some Stand Up Boards and Wetfeet Surf shop to grab some stand up paddles we have been on the move...Thanks Clark for helping us out with the Quickblades and cutting them down..Legend. Go check the Wetfeet store out if u are ever in Hawaii Kai.
Today we took our skis to Mike Slattery who owns and runs HSA.. He is the guy to go see about rescue sleds and all the equipment for the skis. He is going to pad and strap them all up for us and make sure they are good to go.. After that we went and grabbed Dennis Pang who is a legendary shaper and surfer here on the Nth Shore and his son Makana and we drove and had a surf at a spot called Silver Channels..A fun left which works on today's light and variable winds.. We had fun and called it a day after a few hrs and went and had some lunch. Then we went to our mate Terry's place and watched the final quarter of that American Football game haha. Playoffs are on and everyone is into it with the Superbowl coming up in 2 weeks time. So yeah as they say in Hawaii its been a Mixed Plate this week and looking forward to spending alot of time in the ocean this week... Ok got to go my beautiful girlfriend is on skype and is calling.. Till then..Cheers Jamie

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