Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Countdown Begins!!!!!!!!!

Well when i wake up tomorrow morning it will be the week countdown till i leave to California. Yes another trip but it should be fun as me and my girlfriend along with Mick,Shaq,Billy and Sean are all heading to the big smoke for a couple of paddle races. 2 completely different races 2 completely different environments. 1st race is in San Fransisco on the 26th September which is the Hennesey's International Paddleboard Championships. It should be a fun race which will see us paddling in San Fransisco Bay around Alcatraz Island and battling the raging winds and currents that its famous for.Hopefully its not too cold for us Aussies.. Might have to stock up on some Booties and Thermals? The day after the race I'm hoping to take the crew down towards Half Moon Bay and check out Mavericks. Show them where it is and where it breaks.Its a special place.. Then it will be back to LA and hanging out for a week leading up to the Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle which will be at Dana Point .. The Battle is a weekend long festival of everything Stand Up which has some races for all ages and ability and plenty of companies showing off all the new gear and gadgets. So should be fun. And in between lots of other stuff going on .Ill be blogging on the road so be sure to check it out and keep up to date with how the trip is going..Cheers JM

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