Monday, September 7, 2009


Well i am writing here from Auckland Airport where i am in transit from Tahiti. What a trip. Lots of good times were had but unfortunately no waves and no chopes! Well we did paddle out yesterday but it wasn't really what u would consider real Teahupoo. We did however kill some time doing some cool stuff like swimming with the sharks like i mentioned in my previous post and yesterday we paddled into this beautiful little freshwater river and hiked up to this awesome cave and had a look around.Lucky for us that if u want to get skunked on a surf trip Tahiti is the place to have it happen.Its such a beautiful place and yesterday it was in all its glory. Not a cloud in the sky, the water was crystal clear and the mountains looked epic..
One other thing that happens on boat trips is u get pretty bored and twitchy easy if theres no surf. So everyone was coming up with ideas to keep us entertained. One day Kealii came up with if u said MINE u would have to do 20 push ups on the spot.It was pretty funny seeing everyone trying to catch everyone out with that.. Kainoa even said it himself as he was about to do 20 so he made it 40. Then it was the Hinano Cup one other day. Team Hawaii vs Team International(3 guys each team) and 3 events. 1st was a relay comprising of each team having to do a Relay circuit race around our 2 catamarans which included SUP, Paddleboard and Swimming. Team International took it out in a close race. The next event included putting a Hinano can under water about 20 ft deep and having man on man races to see who could dive off the boat and retrieve the can 1st.. Pretty funny.Ended up being MMA under water.haha. And again Team International took 2 from 3 which gave us the overall win and a bit of bragging rights over the Hawaiians. Well done Chuck,Dave who made up our team.
And to top it off one of Kealii's friends and his family were nice enough to have us over to his place for dinner. William and his wife and 2 kids were awesome and made us a killer spread of food. Did i mention he is a head Chef!! It was nice to get off the boat on to land for a bit.. And that's where we had the dance off... haha. Me and Ekolu were singing Land Down Under and if u have ever heard Ekolu sing and me sing well lets just say he made me look silly so i grabbed a chair and done a little dance to stop the humiliation. And if u have seen me dance as well its not pretty and i never dance but team international pride was on the line so..
So i was up @ 300am this morning and on the plane at 7am.. I am currently on a 4 hr stopover in NZ and then its off to Brisbane and hopefully my girlfriend will be there to pick me up for the drive back in Peak HR. Cant wait. Till next time JM
Oh yeh and did i mention that there is a swell on the way to Tahiti thats hitting there tomorrow and Wednesday. Good timing hey..?

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