Friday, September 25, 2009

DELAY on the WAY To SF BAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here we are sitting in LAX waiting for our flight to San Francisco. And what do u know we are delayed for 2 hrs.. Thank god for Wireless Internet. We had a pretty good flight from Bris Vegas to LA yesterday and thanks to our mate George for picking us up and then giving us a free feed at his restaurant Koffee Kart.. Just what we needed after a 12 hr flight.. Then we went and picked all our boards up from Nathan's place (my mate who is a Aussie but lives here in LA). And stoked there was no damage.. So after a long day recovering yesterday and a good sleep here we are stuck at the Airport..But its all good i guess.. Part and parcel of travelling.. I will say one thing though... GO THE EELS..My footy team just won last night and is in the Grand Final next week.. We are going to have to find somewhere to watch it over here in the U.S.A. Well the race is tomorrow and the weather is looking like its going to be HOT. But the water will be freezing in the Bay so should make for interesting conditions.. Will let u know how it all goes ..Take Care JM

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