Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hawaii Time!!!!!!

Gotta love Hawaii time.. Up when u want to and surf on tap.. We are back on the Nth Shore at the moment and have just been getting settled into our accommodation. We have finally rounded up all our boards that have been stashed away under houses and cleaned all the dust off them ready to go.. Yesterday was my Birthday and we had a nice surf at a outer reef . We actually hooked up with Trevor Hendy who was in town and we lent him a board and took him out to surf..He had a blast and we got some medium size waves out there but uncrowded which was nice.. Then me and Billy went and saw a few friends and cruised back home..
Then for my Bday we went to Laie a little town towards the east side from the Nth Shore and had a feed and a few beers for my B'day then we went to a little bar at Turtle Bay and played some pool till Midnight and we were home... We got up this morning to surf but there's a contest on at Sunset and Pipe and Backdoor looked like it had morning sickness so we have been cruising at the condo and will probably hit it for the arvo session.. Nothing HUGE is forecast in the next few days so will be nice to get on the shortboard again. Well I'm going to post a few Random photos and some surfing shots from Mavs session courtesy of Fred Pompermayer/TheShot.com.br

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