Saturday, October 10, 2009

Better LATE then Never!!!

Sorry guys i have been meaning to update but things have been pretty Crazy this past week.. Well The Battle has been run and Won. And us Aussies done pretty well.. Both Myself and Shakira won the Elite races with Billy Watson coming home strong in 4th and Jocelyn finishing 11th in the women's race as well and Sean Campbell beating home half the field as well.. It was a amazing race with lots of surf, wind and carnage. Wait till u see some footage. It will blow your mind. The next day we backed up after a few beers the night before and raced for Team La Hui Kai in the Teams race. Our team consisted of Myself,Billy Shaq and Danny Sheard. We had a epic race and took home the honours and topped off a great weekend of racing for all of us.. HUGE thanks goes out to Mick and Adrian of La Hui Kai for the fastest boards there and all there support and Mick for handling for me and always supporting me in my endeavours. Also to Danny,Sue and Sean for all the cheering and support as well. It was so good to have a awesome crew of Aussies there supporting each other..
This past week has been full with commitments to my sponsors and checking out some other opportunities which I'm really excited about. Thanks also to Kaenon,Future Fins and Quickblade for there support while we were in town. Love u guys.. Well off to my last commitment while I'm here the Sacred Craft Expo in Del Mar and then me and Joss are heading back to the South Bay for a few days before heading home.. Oh yeah i have some pretty exciting news I'm stoked about but i cant let the Cat out of the bag just yet but stay tuned. Im pumped about it.. Take care.. Jm

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