Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ready to Roll!!!!!!!!

Hey guys whats happening... Well i have been hanging here in Santa Cruz for the last week staying with Pete Mel and his family..I stole Pete's son John's room..Thanks John John your the man. And what a cool surf town Santa Cruz is.. It's a real nice place with good waves everywhere when its on. I wish i had some stories to tell of epic waves and adventures but it just hasn't been like that.. I have spent the last 3 days working on my Jet Ski that i have had stored at Pete's place for the last year and also getting my trailer legal and registered.. My ski is a 07 Honda and only has 4 hrs on the clock and i needed to give it some love. It needed a sled and all the attachments that go with it plus i needed to grip up all the gunnel's and and hard bits and make straps and attach them to all the seats so i spent the last 3 days at Surftech's main Headquarters doing it all.. I couldn't have done it without the help of Randy French(owner of Surftech) . He was with me the whole way helping out..We cut piece after piece of grip trying to match every little nook and crannie had to drill through pop rivets to take the side webbing off then re- pop rivet and you name we did it but it came out looking so sick..I'm SO STOKED.. Thanks to Pete for driving me around and getting all the bits and pieces i needed and helping out when he could..His ski and trailer needed some love to so he was trying to work on that as well... So no water time as of yet.. Its been small anyway's.. So tomorrow we have the Mavericks Opening Ceremony at Half Moon Bay so that should be fun and i hope to get some pics and ill update before i leave back home.. Im on the plane Saturday night heading back home to OZ.. Well till then take care and ill post some pics from Mavs on Saturday... Jamie


  1. Hi Jamie, I'm Mederic a french paddleboarder. I'did the San sebastian /capbreton solo last year and the catalina classic this year. I'm really interested in tow in surfing, i've got my ski but no experienced in tow in so i 've a question who may look stupid but i want to know why are you putting some grip everywhere on your ski ?
    Congratulation for all the things you do and thanks for your answer.

  2. Hi Mederic..The grip is to save your boards if u have more than one board and u dont have space on the sled you u can put a board in the gunnels and also it softens up and hits that your body may take while driving the ski..Also stops scratches from boards and keeps the ski in good condition.. Hope that helps..Jamie

  3. I thought it was something like that.
    Thanks a lot.