Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!

Hey there everyone what a 48 hrs that was.. Well i left Brisbane for LA which was a 13 hr flight then had a 4 hr layover in LA before my flight to San Fransisco courtesy of a delayed flight. I arrived at San Fran then Pete Mel (who is my partner for this event) picked me up with his truck fully loaded with the ski, boards, tools etc and we headed off straight to Oregon.. I thought it was about a 8hr drive but i was mistaken.. We drove for 8 hrs before we hit a town called Eugene and we got a hotel room for the night and got some shuteye. We woke up this morning had a quick bite to eat then it was on the road again for the final 3hrs.. And here we are..Lincoln City Oregon. Its pretty cold compared to home but the forecast still looks good the swell is on the way up as i type. We just had some lunch and spoke to Greg Long and Mike Parson's and we are gonna hook up with those boys in 30 min and go launch the ski and go have a practise run and make sure everything is working and smooth and iron some kinks out..Its been a while since i surfed let alone Tow so i need to get a bit of practise. Plus for me and Pete its our first time teaming together so will be cool to dial it all out.. Well we have to get ready so i will update hopefully tomorrow night after the comp and hopefully have some sick photos as well.. Till then.. Take care JM


  1. Weapons of choice in that first picture -- nice. How's the tail on that green Stretch quad of your's? Is that a straight square or a subtle moontail?

    Good luck in Oregon. Can't wait to see the photos.


  2. The Green board has the same tail as the yellow one in the picture...They worked pretty good out there that day.. Thanks JM