Sunday, October 18, 2009

Somebody make me a time machine! PLEASE

Well well. Its funny how the weather dictates my life... I have just arrived home from LA after 3 weeks away and have literally just found out that i will be back on a plane tomorrow and heading to Oregon.. A Tow In Contest that me and Pete Mel are in has just been called Green which means GO and will be going on Thursday. Check out for more info.. Looks like El Nino is starting to come through with the goods already.Forecast is looking real good with light winds so should make for a fun contest..The wave itself is a sick right and left but the right is the main peak.. So I'm flying into San Fransisco on Tuesday mid morning then will be picked up by Pete and then straight on the road driving to Oregon with Boards and Jet Ski in tow.. I think the drive is about 8 hrs!!! Not fun but its all part of the adventure.
But there is also some good timing involved because the Mavericks Opening Ceremony is on the 30th October so i will stay in Santa Cruz for the week and get to see a sponsor Surftech and work on some new SUP surf boards and also do the Opening Ceremony and make the trip definitely worth all the travel, Jet Lag and bad aeroplane food(i hate that food).. So i will be keeping u all up to date while I'm away so be sure to check back and see how it takes place..Till then take care..JM
The photos are of the swell maps. The Red is Good.


  1. Just Go Jamie !!!
    and send us some good pics !
    Here in Reunion Island it's flat so your story will help us ... but it seems good for the next week
    See U

  2. Thanks..I will try and post some good photos...Do you know Laurent?

  3. Yes off course Laurent the only real paddleman on our Island.
    He's surfing coach in the Saint Leu surf Club. I will work with him on the Reef Check project sponsored by Quiksilver foundation. I study the health of coral reef with child and scuba diver:
    Good luck for the Tow in time
    See u

  4. Nice mate! I hope to visit u guys one day! Say hello to laurent for me! Thanks Jamie