Saturday, October 24, 2009

One of those Days!!!!!!!!!!

You ever had one of those day's where you wake up think everything is going to be fine and then something little goes wrong then something else and it just keeps snowballing till you have One of those days! Well that's what happened to me and Pete on Thursday for the contest in Oregon.. We went and surfed the Wednesday arvo and the ski was working fine and me and Pete were pretty in sync and things were good... We went and had a nice dinner and then got a bunch of food and water for the Contest day and we were really organised.. Super pumped for the comp..
Then we woke up haha.. We got all our stuff walked down hooked up the ski and went to start the ski and Nothing.. Dead!! Battery was dead. So we tried a few little things to try and fix the problem but nothing..So then we tried to Jump start it from the car and nothing so at this stage we are running really late..So we just decide to head down and see what we can do at the beach.. We go ahead and dump the ski on the beach and get ready put our wetsuits and booties etc on and only have 30 min till our heat starts.So we find another battery jump unit try it again and it fires up so we are on again. So what we have to do is just not turn the ski off the whole time we are in the water which is pretty dangerous but we have no choice. So we go out and with about 2 min before our heat starts Pete leans over into the front hatch to get the tow rope out and boom just touches the kill switch and the engine dies.. Nothing.. Dead again.So here we are floating into the line up which is building to 15 feet .. NOT GOOD..So we get towed out of the zone and Pete's good Buddy's Adam and Alistar give us there ski and we switch for our heat so we got to surf and Thanks heaps to those guys for helping us out..Legends! They also went on to win the comp so Good Karma prevailed for those boys.
So once we finished the heat we now had to get the ski into the beach through a 10 ft shore break which was pretty heavy..Anyway's Adam towed Pete in copybook style and Pete rode it in on the sled and they pulled it off unreal..
So now we are trying to decide what we are going to do for the next heat? So we take off and go shopping for a new battery which we couldn't get cause none were the kind that were already charged so no luck there. So we went back to the beach and decided we would just put the ski back on the trailer and try borrow a ski for the next heat Pete was surfing in. So when we are winching the ski up the trailer breaks.We couldn't believe it.. A slat of 4x2 wood and some braces just snapped.. Perfect... So know we are trying to fix the trailer as well..
So back to the surfing we got another ski to use for the final heat and got some waves. We didn't make the final but I did whip Pete into the biggest wave of the day only for it to throw way down the line and he got smoked.. Big big wipeout.. That was the highlight for us was his wipeout haha..
So we finish the heat and Pete has to run off to the Hardware store and then find someone who can machine a few brackets for the trailer so we can get out of here 1st light Friday morning. Anyway he pulls it off and we fixed the trailer and we got on the road Friday morning for the 11 hr drive back to Santa Cruz. So all in all a challenging day for us but still fun when u sit down and have a laugh about it.. Oh yeah and then one last thing.. We were just about to head to the Presentation and we couldn't find our keys to the car. We lost them in all the mayhem..Couldn't top off a better day for us really hey... Here are a few photos and check this link on Surfline for some surfing shots .. Cheers JM


  1. You guys should break out the instrutments and write the Nelscott Reef blues...


  2. Ha ha..Nice one mate yeh we could..But as i said we had a laugh about it and its all good.. have a good one

  3. Hey Jamie, how's it going?
    Just wanted to drop by and say hey. I'm Argentinian, met you in February 2007, on a plane form Sydney to Brisbane. You were probably the first convo I had in the country. just wanted to thank you for being so easy going and for the board-bible you gave me. Oh, and thanks for correcting my pronunciation when i said Brisbane. take care and hope all goes well with you =)

  4. Thanks Roo... Hope u had a great time in Australia and u had a great experience... All the best Jamie