Saturday, October 31, 2009

MAVS Opening Ceremony!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys well yesterday was the opening Ceremony for the Maverick's Big Wave Contest at Half Moon Bay. Was a awesome afternoon not only with epic weather but just seeing all the big wave legends that i am used to seeing in the Movies but seeing them up close and getting a chance to hang out. We had a little ceremony on the beach where all surfers are introduced...Then we paddled out in the bay and form a circle and everyone gets to say a little speech and it was pretty cool... After the whole beach deal we headed back and had a nice dinner and watched the guys in the main draw actually go up and draw for heats.. Was funny to see the guys reactions when they saw who they had in their heat... After that it was off to Tim West's Place(who is a main invitee and all round nice guy) for a after party.. Was cool and mellow to hang out and catch up with all the boys and talk story.. Before u know it its early hrs of morning and time for bed.. I had to get up and head back to Santa Cruz and pack my bags as i am heading to the airport tonight and leaving for home..I'm so stoked to be heading home and getting back into my normal routing and warm weather and to see my girlfriend.. Im not looking forward to the flight but hopefully i can try and scam a whole row if the planes empty..Cheers Jamie

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